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ImsaraI am Imsara and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, an evolutionary astrologist acupuncture physician, Crystal essence practitioner and Sirian Alchemist. I also hold a Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida. I innovate and develop specialized programs to promote spiritual evolution and facilitate personal growth based on Sirian Alchemy. I have studied at Findhorn in Scotland, British Columbia, Egypt, Peru, and China where I interned as a student of acupuncture. I have studied astrology since the age of nine and consider it a primary passion. In the future, my intention is to increasingly integrate the power of astrology, essences and Evolutionary medicine in my practice.

I invite you to to review the specialized services that Imsara and Earthwork offer. We specialize in the development of services and programs that focus with utmost precision in personal and evolutionary development and growth.

Evolutionary astrology, done from an evolutionary perspective, is a precise and powerful tool for creating change and can maximize your growth and potential in all major life areas. Flower, sea, and environmental essences are subtle yet powerful helpers given to us by nature to literally Move us in our evolution. Specialized essences available only through the Pyramid Ascension© programs can be utilized with your chart to heal a scope of physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances as well as to promote integration, understanding, wholeness and evolution. These programs are especially designed to promote spiritual ascension and they are initiatory, experiential, and educational. We tend to make our more potent changes via the power of personal experience. Travel programs are also offered periodically to assist in catalyzing your growth at special times within your life, and these times are clearly indicated via your horoscope.

The Pyramid Ascension© programs are designed to decondition and break up old crystallized patterns that prevent you from ascending and connecting to your Soul and its essence. These programs are especially designed, with the help of Nature and the Medical Assistance Program known worldwide as MAP, to make the mental, emotional, spiritual, and etheric changes necessary to transition successfully from the old archetypal condition of the human being, into the new model so you can continue on your evolutionary journey. It is like you trade in your old Studebaker, for a new, sleek, empowered, self-sufficient and now spiritualized Jaguar!



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