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EssencesFlower, sea, and environmental essences are electrical healing patterns concentrated and preserved within a liquid medium such as brandy and spring water. They are used to counteract patterns of imbalance within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. They have been experienced by many to be subtle, yet extraordinarily powerful and are usually taken orally via a few drops under the tongue. They can also be used externally.

Essences are a potent and effective medium to help one access the vibration required that will be the most compatible with the new external environment forming as we begin a new millennium. Essences come from Nature and help support healing in totality - the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of our being. Essences are as critical to your health care system as are vitamins. They are, in "essence", like electrical vitamin pills for your energy field. They are cost effective, won't conflict with any medications, and are easy to use.

Essences can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Issues such as grief, addictions, fears, phobias, anxiety, confusion, pain, death and dying, childbirth, stress, self-esteem, communication problems, trust, anger, and resistance to change, are just a few of the conditions that essences can heal. Also, essences have been shown to be wonderfully effective with infants, children, pets, and the elderly.

Imsara and Earthwork offer several different essence packages. Imsara has had years of experience in personalizing special formulas for her clients that help alleviate difficult conditions with pinpoint precision. Many people find combining a chart consultation with an essence program very effective and helpful. Others have experienced the essences help ease and smooth the way and help bring clarity, awareness, and optimum growth during difficult planetary transits.

The Multi-package consultations are a set of three or five consultations that address your ongoing needs and are an excellent way to experience the essences over a period of time. They are done as you need them and can be initiated either in person or over the telephone for your convenience. Remember, your family and your pets can also benefit from the essences!

Adventures in Travel